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Ulexite mineral, found in Emet, Bigadiç and Kırka boron deposits in Turkey where %73 of the world’s boron reserves are,  is used in many sectors.   Transformed into added-value products in hi-tech facilities of world boron leader Eti Maden.

A mineral-rich type of boron, Ulexite is transformed into quality, sustainable and innovative products by the experts of Eti Maden. It plays an important role in heat and sound insulation, glass, ceramics and fertilizer industries, boric acid and borax production.

Mined in its pure form by Eti Maden, Ulexite can be found in nature with the appearences of edging strip, cauli, fibrous, cone, rosette, flock and stick.  According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, its hardness is 2.5, and its specific weight is 1.95-2 gr/cm. Encountered in 3 different levels in boron deposits of Emet, Kütahya, Ulexite is together with colemanite and hydroboracite in these deposits. In Kırka, it appears in borate reserves tohether with borax, colemanite and inioite. As for the rest of the world, Ulexite mineral is found in Argentina.

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