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Tincal, found in Eskişehir – Kırka deposits in Turkey where %73 of the world’s boron reserves are,  is mined by the experts of world boron leader Eti Maden and goes through the process of enrichment in hi-tech concentrator facilities to become effective products.

Acquired through the research – development operations  carried out by Eti Maden,  with the chemical name of borax pentahydrate, Etibor-48 directly contributes to the glass industry by making the glass more enduring against physical impacts. Also actively used in agriculture sector as a boron source in composite fertilizers as well as solo, tincal-rich Etibor-48 make all the difference in the agriculture industry of Turkey and the world by increasing the crop in the cultivated areas.

Tincal (Na2B4O7.10H2O), although colorless and transparent substantially, can be found in pink, yellowish and grey colors due to  various impurities in its compound. Its hardness is 2-2,5 Mohs, its specific weight is 1,7 gr/cm. Tincal disintegrates quickly and can transform into tincalconite by losing its water. It can be found together with tincalconite and ulexite in clay. It is found in Eskişehir – Kırka deposit in Turkey.

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