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Industrial Mineral Boron

Powdered substance fed from the iron mine and scrap materials in Turkey and in the World, enabling scrap materials to be reused in the iron-steel industry, resulting from the melting process and called slag; is a side product which does not have wetting and squeezing features and creates problems in transportation and storage because it takes up a lot of space. Slag, which turns into a compact structure with boron additive, becomes able to be used by the removal of the issues in transportation and storage. Slag, obtained with the addition of boron products does not threaten human health and is environmentally sensitive. It helps to save with low storage costs.

Boron, which plays an active role in the emergence of high-quality, highly productive and sustainable products in technological and industrial areas, offers important contributions to metallurgy and material industry. Boron has the ability to form a smooth, sticky, protective and burr-free liquid at high temperatures. Boron and boron products, make all the products they contribute as durable and sustainable manner, especially steel. It is used in the boronizing process, and electrolytic coating which is applied to obtain hard and abrasion resistant surfaces in many metals.

Low Cost, High Performance

Boron and boron products provide saving production by minimizing high costs. In ferroboron state, an iron-boron alloy, it takes the place of high-cost materials used for hardening steel in steel production. Combination of two materials in soldering process gives effective results in application.

Industrial oils obtained through various physical and chemical processes, with the contribution of boron and boron products, reduce friction and wear in industrial machines and vehicles. It helps prolong machine’s life. High temperature resistant boron oils reduces noise generation and prevents noise pollution by improving existing abrasion.

Boron is also used in aerodynamic developments in space and aerospace industries, high speed wing applications, design and development stages of high temperature resistant bodies.

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