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Welfare Provided by Boron

Boron, which are among the most valuable underground resources in Turkey, provides significant contribution to human health in the direction of researches made. Boron needed in low amounts in human body; is a mineral taken from the outside by food and water. In 1981, it was determined that boron products lead to positive effects on the human body in the direction of the researches performed in the health industry. In this direction, boron which is used more and more widely in health industry as well, is used in many treatments and started to give positive results. Boron, that is continued to be proved positive in the human body, reduces fatigue and stress formation to a minimum when consumed through food. Also it is used actively in the treatment of prostate cancer prevention, sterilization of eye inflammations, in making ointments and especially in the treatment of brain cancer.

Boron Used Actively in Treatments

In researches in the health sector where boron products are used, it was observed that the bones are strengthened due boron increases absorption of copper, magnesium and other elements in the human body. This helps to reduce the pain and strengthen the bone structure. Boron which regulates the calcium, magnesium and phosphorus balance in human metabolism, also contributes to the development of muscle and brain functions by bringing the phosphorus balance to the optimum level. In addition, boron is widely used in osteoporosis treatments, allergic diseases, psychiatry, bone development, arthritis (in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism) and menopause treatment. By using Boron Neutron Capture method which is used effectively in the treatment of brain cancer treatment, helps to selectively destroy unwell cells and keep damage to healthy cells to a minimum.

Boron Touch to Health

Boron which is an essential element in the lives of the living beings with scientific researches which are still in progress; has become increasingly important in the health sector with the contributions it has made to human health. In the statement made by the World Health Organization (WHO); it was determined that adult healthy individuals could consume 1-13 mg boron by feeding. Boron can be taken from fruits such as apples, pears, plums, dates and vegetables such as beans, chickpeas, lentils etc., is also present in the contents of pasteurized milk. Due to the unique properties of boron products in nature, it is almost impossible to replace it. Research results nowadays show that a person needs a certain amount of boron element on a daily basis.

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