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By the directive of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s far-sightedness that gives direction to the future, Etibank was founded in 1935 for the industrialization of Turkey, to carry out natural resources and financial organizations together. With the restructuring in 1998 it was named Eti Holding A.Ş. And with the restructuring in January 2004, it was named Eti Maden İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Eti Mining Operations General Directorate) Eti Maden has committed to make use of the boron which 73% of the world reserve is possessed with the most efficient methods and to supply them to international markets.

Eti Maden Designs the Future of Boron

Eti Maden, established with the mission of operating and making use of boron and boron products with high technology in high standards, designing Turkey’s and world’s future with its team consisting of expert professionals and service quality and visionary approach that conforms to global standards, making boron minerals productive, profitable and sustainable. Boron which is a versatile and sustainable mineral that is sensitive to the environment; is in an important position in terms of the storage of future renewable energy resources. Boron and boron products, which have become a strategic product with the civilian and military field effect, have wide use area in many industries.

Eti Maden Operations General Directorate provides direct contribution to many sectors by producing highly productive boron products in its facilities of world standards. It is a global institution that operates in mining, metallurgy, chemistry etc. industries with Bandırma Boron and Acid Factories (Balıkesir), Kırka Boron Works (Eskişehir), Emet Boron Works (Kütahya), Bigadiç Boron Works (Balıkesir) , Bandırma Logistics unit, overseas agencies and affiliates.

Boron Touching Every Aspect of Life

Continuing to develop in accordance with changing technology, Eti Maden conducts professional studies in order to improve the usage area of boron products day by day through research and development works and designing the future of boron. While supporting its high-level service approach with occupational health, environment, quality and energy management systems certificates, it is in the leading position in the world boron market with the service given by prioritizing satisfaction.

Eti Maden continues to add value to its boron production and products by combining its knowledge and experience on boron and boron products with advanced technology of international quality standards.

“World Boron Leader” Eti Maden, which offers refined products derived from boron and boron products to national and international markets through global logistics operations, is contributing to the growth of Turkey and world economy.

Future is in Boron, Boron is in Eti Maden!

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