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Colemanite, found in Emet, Bigadiç and Kestelek deposits in Turkey where %73 of the world’s boron reserves are, is mined by the experts of world boron leader Eti Maden and goes through the processes of enrichment grinding in hi-tech concentrator facilities.

After getting transformed into quality, sustained and innovative products by the experts of Eti Maden, colemanite is used in many sector. In glass and ceramics sector, it prolongs the life of the products that it is involved, as well as raising their durability to the maximum level. It is also favoured frequently in metallurgy, fiberglass, fertilizer, detergent and cosmetics sectors.

Colemanite (2CaO.3B2O3.5H2O), which is a mineral-rich type of boron, is crystallized in mono clinical system. According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, its hardness is 4-4,5 and its specific weight is 2.42 gr/cm. It is the most common substance amongst the boron composites. İt is found as big, shiny, transparent crystals inside the ore pockets in clays. Pure colemanite dissolves slowly in water, quickly in HCI. It can be found in Emet, Bigadiç and Kestelek deposits in Turkey and around the globe, in the U.S.A.

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