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Environment Friendly, Economical, Natural Cleaning: Boron

Boron is produced as the result of the R&D projects carried out in order to use boron and boron products in the cleaning sector of the World Boron Leader “Eti Maden”.  Boron is produced from borax derived from boron, vegetable soap, soda active oxygen and so on. Borax components used in Boron production are; water, oxygen, sodium and a natural mineral found in the soil and plants. Boron is a non-phosphate, environmentally friendly, borate-based and domestic cleaning product that does not threaten human health. Petrochemical detergents leave chemical residues on the laundries, reducing the useful life of the laundries. The boron cleaning product Boron leaves no residue in the usage areas. It does not threaten human health with its antibacterial properties. It provides high hygiene and helps to extend the useful life of the laundry.

Strong Cleaning Without Fading the Colours

Boron, a powerful bleach and whitener, provides high hygiene in white laundry. In Boron, developed by Eti Maden, household and industrial stains that occur on white and coloured clothes are removed without adversely effecting them. Boron produced by borax which has deodorizing property; softens the laundries foam-free and without the need for an additional petrochemical-containing product. It blocks the formation of bad smells by preventing the fungus that can occur on the laundry Boron, which has similar cleaning performance with detergents containing petrochemical , can be used both in industrial area and at home.

Healthy Cleaning, Boron

Detergent residues formed by use of petrochemical products in washing machines cause the steel to wear and adversely affect both the cleaning performance and the service life of the machine. Boron, produced from natural products, leaves no residue in washing machines. It does not damage the machines by decreasing the steel wear.

Boron, which cleans most difficult stains easily, softens the water by balancing the active oxygen in the water and allows the stains to be removed easily. It reduces the water consumption and provides saving by minimizing the washing time.

Natural Mineral Cleaning of BORON is Now in Your Dishes!

Turkey's most preferred natural mineral cleaning product BORON, now offers superior cleaning and hygiene for your dishes.
BORON Natural Mineral Dish Cleaning Products, which do not contain petroleum-derived, chemical and phosphate components , provide extra cleaning in dishes through its special formula developed
with the cleaning, softening, anti-allergen and hygienic effects of boron mine.
BORON Natural Mineral Dish Cleaning Products brings superior cleaning power to all kitchens in Turkey with its dishwasher liquid, washing up liquid, and cleaning product.


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