Boron and boron products, touching many aspects of life are redesigning the future
of Turkey and the world with its widespread use.


Boron, playing an important role in increasing the yield in agricultural areas, has recently started to be widely used in the agricultural industry with the effect on plants. Despite the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers, agricultural areas are becoming sustainable with boron products. 

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Boron cleaning products that are effectively used in cleaning and detergent industry are used actively in laundry detergents, personal care products, production of household and industrial type cleaners. The share of world boron consumption in cleaning products such as soap and detergent is 20%. 

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Boron touching many aspects of life, is playing an important role with its widespread use in metallurgy and materials industry. Boron, used for the production of quality products in technological and industrial applications, has the ability to form smooth, sticky, protective and burr-free liquid at high temperatures.

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Ceramics is transformed into a state, resistant to physical impacts and chemicals by obtaining a new structure with boron components. 13% of world boron consumption is realized in the ceramic sector. Ceramics strengthened with boron are used in industrial field for ceramic glaze and enamel production.

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Wood Protection

Wood protection products formed with boron compounds are resistant to harmful biological factors. It is easily soluble in water and easily applied to wood products. Environmentally sensitive products are produced with boron used in the wood protection sector and products are made resistant to fire and deterioration.

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Boron, which consists the ingredients of many products actively, is among the important raw materials of glass industry in particular. Boron, touching the glass industry with Borosilicate glass, glass wool and textile type fibreglass products, has a wide usage area. 

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The way to protect the living spaces is through insulation materials. Insulation materials, which are an important element in heat, sound and fire insulation are produced from natural materials and becomes more effective with boron addition. 

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Textile Type Fibreglass

Textile type fibreglass is produced from thin lenticular glass filaments which are formed by solidification of melted glass by physical and chemical processes. It is a lightweight and low cost industrial product that is high tensile and resistant to impact and chemical reactions. 

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Boron is a mineral taken from the outside by food, air and water. In the researches made in 1981, it was determined that boron consumption has positive effects on the human body. Boron, used in many treatments, is also preferred in the health sector by giving effective results. 

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Boron offers sustainable, renewable alternatives that are concious to environment and natural life for today’s and tomorrow’s energy needs and thus it is positioned in an important point. Contributing to the efficient use of hydrogen energy, boron has a significant share in the development of sodium borohydride fuel cells. 

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Boron products transformed into high value-added products by Eti Maden, have a widespread use in conjunction with ongoing R&D work. Boron and boron products are used in construction and cement industry for strengthening and insulation purposes in insulation materials. Insulation materials containing boron and boron products that make 

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Eti Maden, designing the future of the boron with its long-standing history, contributes the growth of Turkey and world economy by producing high-value-added boron and boron products with professionals specialized in their industries.


Eti Maden closely follows the mining activities in Turkey and in
the world, especially boron and boron products.
Strategy in Boron

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak has indicated that a new value-added strategy in boron will be initiated by saying “Among the delicate minerals of the future of the world, Turkey has the greatest reserves in boron and thorium. 


Turkey’s most valuable mineral boron is transformed into productive and quality
products with high-added-value.
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