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Within the scope of research and development on boron and boron products, which is the most precious mine of Turkey, which owns 73% of world reserves; it continues to work on technological development and application to increase product quality and portfolio, to promote the use of boron products in different industries and to increase the global market share.

Eti Maden, with the future vision it adds to boron and boron products, it aims to give a more efficient and sustainable contribution to country economy with Etimatik Boron Cleaning Product, one of the many projects carried out in order to promote the domestic and international usage.

It has been determined that the Etimatik Boron Cleaning Product does not contain petrochemicals and phosphate products compared to its rivals in the market and that it provides superior whitening due to high boron content and that waste waters effect the environment and human health in a minimum level. In this context, the “The Effects of Powder Detergent Wastes on Physical, Chemical, Biological Properties and Plant Growth of Agricultural Soils” project has been completed in order to be used in public awareness by avoiding the negative prejudices that rival companies in the industry could create, as well as the allegations that can be made for the Etimatik Boron Cleaning Product.


As a result of the project work carried out within the scope of determination of the effects of washing water wastes formed by using Etimatik Boron Cleaning Product on the physical, chemical and biological properties of agricultural soils, it has been determined that even if the subject product is used for irrigation purposes on agriculture soil, it has an environmental dimension which has the same effect as other detergents and that the degradability in the soil is better and more environmentally friendly than other detergents.

In addition, the environmental dimension to be formed in case of using the Etimatik Boron Cleaning Product as a result of the project is also calculated as a mathematical simulation study and presented in the following image.

Detergent is a chemical substance that may be in the form of powder, liquid or tablet, which has cleaning and purifying features due to its surface active property. In other words, detergents are a mixture of organic substances with “surface active” properties. Cleaning tasks are generally carried out by the contained surface active substance, enzymes, foam regulators, strengtheners and some other additive chemicals. Because of its many superior properties, the detergents that took over the soap in the cleaning work are harmful to health. The use of complex alkaline phosphates in the production of detergents is restricted or prohibited. The soap and detergent contained in the washing water allow the water to penetrate easily into the fabric by increasing the wetting ability of the water. After that, it is possible to remove the stains. Each molecule of cleaning substance can be regarded as a long chain. On one end of this chain, there is hydrophile, and on the other and, there is hydrophobic group. Since the hydrophobic group can catch dirt, the molecule surrounds the stain with this end. At the same time, the hydrophilic group at the other end of the molecule draws stain particles from the fabric into the wash water. Meanwhile, the mechanically agitated rinse helps the soap or detergent to remove the stains and to remain as a suspension in the wash water and it prevents it from sticking on the fabric again. Borates, due their properties such as facilitating stain removal and bleaching, stabilizing enzymes, alkali buffering, water softening and improving the performance of materials used as surfactants, have an important place in the cleaning sector and R&D studies are being carried out in order to use them more effectively in the cleaning sector.

Borates are used in many different forms of laundry detergents, household or industrial type cleaners and personal care products.  In these applications, borates provide services such as facilitating stain removal and bleaching, stabilizing enzymes, alkali buffering, water softening and improving the performance of the materials used as surfactants. They also help control bacteria and fungi in personal care products.

In new studies, borates are recommended for improving the cleaning effect in laundry soaps, reducing the adherence of stain to the surface, and brighter, cleaner clothes.

Borates and perborates give detergent advantages. The advantages borate and perborates have on detergents include:

  1. a) Alkaline buffering and pH controlb) Water softening (by producing a complex soluble calcium complex)c) to increase the performance of the surfactant (surface active substance)d) Prevent reattachment of stain to the surface (redeposition)e) Perborates are excellent detergent bleaches.

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