To contribute to the national prosperity by evaluating all mining resources in our country, especially boron and rare earth elements, excluding coal and hydrocarbon resources, within the framework of sustainable development and by supporting our institutional knowledge with new technologies, to transform them into high added value products matching customer demand and expectations.


To be a global organization oriented to the world market of boron chemicals, producing from boron and other underground resources new products, materials and articles that will create privileges and to be recognized as the leader of information and technology in the mining and chemical sector.


Eti Maden values on the main axis of sustainability:

Innovation: Make use of new ideas in order to create the future and ensure sustainable growth.

Continuous Improvement: Ensuring sustainability by continuously improving work efficiency and management systems.

Reliability: To be able to manage products, processes and systems under the time and conditions in the presence of customers.

Efficiency: To make processes independent of persons, free from waste, measurable and controllable.

Advanced Technology: To prepare sustainable technology strategies by developing long-term technological forecasts.

Power of communication: To convey knowledge and experience based on volunteerism and mutual understanding for accurate, reliable and realistic decisions in organizational and managerial activities.

Customer Orientation: To provide the highest level of service to the right customer at the right time by making the right offer at the right price.

Collaboration: Sharing resources, cooperating and working together in order to achieve the common goal and reach the targets.

Team spirit: Having a business culture that activates the corporate synergy.

Participation: To provide the voluntary support of all employees for participation in resolutions, problem solving, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Sensitivity to the environment: To perform activities using environmentally sensitive differentiation strategy.

Social Responsibility: To invest in social issues voluntarily in order to create high brand value and loyal customers.

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